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Speed matters. In the business environment of the 21st century, the ability to out-perform your competitors is critical to your success. Shorter product life cycles, faster communication, and higher expectations compress the amount of time available to bring products and services to market.

ABS Print Management's ColorQuick service puts the internet behind your print production. By using a web-enabled workflow, your project goes from your desktop to press faster than ever. Online quotes, easy file transfer and automated preflight, rip and trap, compress days of work into minutes.

ColorQuick provides access to high-level automation without imposing the limitations of a template, so you are in complete control. ColorQuick is great for very short run basic four color projects, such as flyers, posters and simple brochures. ColorQuick will not be suited for all of your projects much like a microwave oven isn't the best way to cook everything. The speed and convenience of this technology make it indispensable for your marketing program.

What ColorQuick does for you:

  • Instant Quotes: Get your project quoted whenever you desire.

  • No Templates: Use the software of your choice to design your program.

  • Easy File Transfer: Use a standard browser to submit your work.

  • Automated Preflight: Feedback in minutes on the printability of your job.

  • Accurate Soft Proof: ICC (color) calibrated digital proof of trapped document is sent within 1 hour.

  • Dedicated CSR: Each web transaction is e-mailed to ABS Print Management Customer Service.

  • Quality Assurance: Every job is quality-checked by ABS prior to printing. Printing is done on the Xerox DocuColor or on a digital Heidelberg with outstanding results.

  • Personal Service: At ABS web-enabled doesn't mean impersonal. Your sales consultant will be updated (by e-mail) to answer questions to ensure smooth production.

  • Faster Results: By automating the estimating and prepress functions, and providing that service in minutes rather than days, your work is completed faster.

Get the competitive edge. Call ABS Print Management today!!!

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