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Document Processing

Print and mail your invoices and statements in less than 15 minutes.

How does it work? The process works like this:

  • We receive your data electronically
  • We map the data onto an attractive, professional-looking form that has been selected or approved by the client
  • We perform a CASS certification*
  • We laser print, fold, and insert your statements
  • We seal, meter, and deliver your statements to the bulk mail center

*The United States Postal Service in cooperation with the mailing industry has developed a process of evaluating address-matching software known as CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certification. This process provides software and hardware manufacturers, service bureaus, and commercial mailers a common platform to measure the quality of address-matching software. The purpose of CASS certification is to continually improve the accuracy of 5-digit ZIP Codes, ZIP+4 Codes, delivery point codes and carrier route codes applied to mail. All address lists used to produce mailings for automation rates must be matched by CASS-certified software.

Statements & Invoices

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Key Benefits

Reduce Capital Investment. Make better use of available capital and maintain a healthy balance sheet.

Reduce Postage. We do everything possible to achieve maximum postal discounts. We can sort mail as low as 25.5 cents per piece. We also run your data through a postal cleansing process. This ensures delivery of your documents therefore increasing the numbers of payments you receive.

Reduce Inventory. We purchase all our forms and envelopes in bulk quantities, therefore receiving large volume discounts. We can then pass on these savings to our customers. We also store our customers’ entire inventory for them. Customers no longer have to haggle about high prices for materials or worry about spending needed capital on inventory that will sit in the warehouse. These cost are eliminated.

Reduce Equipment. Intelligent inserting equipment and high-speed laser printers are very expensive. On top of purchasing the equipment, consumables and maintenance for this equipment are even more expensive. These costs are eliminated.

Increase Productivity. Employees can be doing more productive things than hand-stuffing envelopes at the end of the month. Eliminate functions not contributing to your bottom line. Let ABS do your billing while you continue working, generating more revenue and getting the most out of your personnel.

Reduce Labor. Wages is another expense you can eliminate. Move employees to other needed positions.

Increased Flexibility. We can make the document look any way the customer wants it to look. You are not limited by a canned software package. We can change the fonts to reduce the number of multiple pages or even do custom artwork. Our software also allows us to make changes quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Increase Cash Flow. We put a delivery-point bar code on all documents, presort all mail, and we take all of our mail straight to the Regional Mail Center in Nashville. There are no other third parties involved because all processing is done in-house. Our standard statements also have a remittance piece at the top. Customers tear the remittance piece off and put it into a return envelope which already has a return address that is bar coded. This allows the return piece to go through the mail stream two days faster. Lastly, our forms are on 8.5 x 11 sheets with a clean, clear and an easy-to-read look which eliminates confusion for your customers.

Turnkey Operation With No Hassles. We take the pain out of statement processing. Why spend hours or even days processing your own statements/invoices and dealing with the post office when you can accomplish the same thing by the press of a button (send file) in about 15 minutes? Nobody likes producing statements. It is costly and it takes the focus away from your core business. You are the professional in your specific market and we are the professionals at statement processing.

E-Commerce Solutions For The Future. We want to print and mail all of our customers’ documents for as long as the need is there. When the time comes for internet billing, we can make that switch for our customers virtually seamless. The customer will experience no delays or extraordinary costs. We will provide any document distribution channel they would like such as Web Viewing, Web Editing, EBP (Electronic Bill Presentment) and EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment). We are also HIPPA compliant.

Electronic Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions for the Future We have been researching and implementing E-Commerce solutions over the last year. We want to be ready to provide our customers with any of the E-Commerce solutions the day they want it. We want to print and mail all of our customers' documents for as long as the need is there. When the time comes for Internet billing, we can make that switch for our customers extremely seamless. The customer will experience no delays or extraordinary costs. If we are doing a great job with their hard copy, they will also let us continue to be their electronic solution. We will provide any document distribution channel they would like.

1. Web Viewing. Web viewing is a great way for customers to archive their data and also view their documents. A customer would send us their data. We then process and mail their documents. The secure web server will automatically output the customer's entire job to our website. Next, the customer simply logs on with a user ID and password. The customer is then able to view every single document that was processed and mailed. Each document will look 100% identical to what was processed and mailed. Like the CD-ROM, a customer can view, print, and fax any document.

2. Web Editing. Web Editing is an extraordinary tool. It works slightly different than web viewing. A customer would send their data. We then map that raw data to each individual's document. The documents would then be output onto the website. The customer could then log on with their user ID and password. Rather than just viewing each document, the user would be able to edit each document. After all changes were made to specific documents, the customer would then resubmit their data. We then process the data and mail the updated job.

3. Electronic Reports. Most customers receive reports after each document mailing (see slides 22-24). These reports are faxed or mailed. ABS has the ability and actually prefers to e-mail these reports to our customers. After the job is processed and mailed, the reports would be automatically e-mailed to the customer. This Auto Email option is fully functional. The cost of this option is $20.00 per month.

4. EBP: Electronic Bill Presentment. EBP allows individuals to view their billing data via the Internet and mail their payment to the vendor. EBP is an excellent value added service for our customers and their customers. EBP allows individuals to see their statement or invoice via the Internet. This works just like Web Viewing except that individuals have their own User ID and password. With this option, individuals cannot pay their statement or invoice. They may only view it. When ABS receives the data filel, we then extract the individuals email address into another file. These customers will then be emailed and told they can now view their statement online. There will be a direct link attached to their email for them to simply click on. This is a great addition to mailing statements and invoices. Rather than having our customers spend thousands and thousands of dollars for Internet billing software, security software, and newly trained employees, we provide this service to them.

5. EBPP. Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment allows individuals to view their billing data via the Internet and also pay the vendor via the Internet using their credit or debit card. EBPP works just the same as EBP but adds the ability to view and pay. EBPP is an option we will soon have operational.

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